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Professional Translation from French to English

At IPT Translations we offer high quality professional translation services from French to English with a proven team of native French translators.  We translate documents from French to English, and from English to French, and from French to more than 60 other languages.

Why translate content from French to English?

  • English is the gateway to international expansion. More people than ever speak English, and among them, 400 million are native speakers.  Obviously, translating content to English represents an essential step to expanding your business internationally.
  • We have a network of professional French and English translators specialized in different areas. They have all passed a series of tests before joining our team. This is why we are confident you can entrust us with your content and we guarantee the highest quality results.
  • Translation service adapted to your business sector. At IPT Translations we offer a wide range of services, from legal and technical translations to websites and IT documents.

About Our Professional French Translators

Our French translators have been examined meticulously to determine their area of expertise.

Our translators are specialized in different translation areas.  We assign each translation to the most appropriate specialized team so as to provide our clients with the best possible results. French to English translations are corrected and formatted based on each client’s individual needs, delivering an excellent product.

We provide French to English translation services in many areas, including technical, medical, legal, patent, software, engineering, and finance. We also offer software localization and website translation in French.

Translation Service from French to English

French is one of the most important languages in the world. It plays an important role in European business markets and in the European Union. French is one of the official languages at the United Nations and the majority of their documents are published in French. The speeches delivered by UN delegates are interpreted simultaneously in French. French is also one of the official languages at the European Patent Office (EPO).  Requests for patents can be presented in French.  If the patent request is presented in another language, the summary must be translated in French.  Therefore, the French language is very important for these matters, and it’s necessary to have a French translator in all of these cases.

French is spoken in many countries, including, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and several African nations.  It’s also the official language of Quebec, Canada.  Differences in how the language is used exist, and at IPT Translations we specialize in translating French spoken in any country to English professionally.

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