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IPT Translations was definitively the best provider I worked with so far. Trustful, honest and very talented. I was 200%

satisfied with their translations skills, even with a complex subject and context. That's why they earned 220% more money than the agreed. Strict with deadlines, meticulous and intelligent. I don't need to look for any other Spanish translator anymore. Dont have doubts, count on IPT. Thank you very much for your job.
- English to Spanish Translation Guilherme, São Paulo, Brazil Date: 04-01-2009

Software translation packages have made astonishing advances over recent years. However, even the best packages produce flawed work with errors in syntax, tense and capitalisation. We use only true native speakers of a language who can produce 100% accurate translations.

We have always worked hard to maintain the highest standards of translation work. Despite the size of the document, we pride ourselves on returning accurate interpretations to our clients. To ensure this we use two native speakers of a language on the commission. The first to do the translation and the second to proof read the result.

Not only are we aware that accuracy is paramount to our clients, we are also aware of the importance of timing.  We make extra efforts to ensure that your document is correct and is delivered in the right way within your time frame. Most importantl, we do not sacrifice accuracy for speed.

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